**Time plus penalties

**All targets must be neutralized to not acquire penalties.

**Fastest time wins (A nifty prize)

**To neutralize a target you must.

    Cardboard silhouettes 1 hit in the "A" zone or 2 hits any ware with in the target.

    Static steel must be hit and called a hit by the RO.

    Steel knock over, must be knocked over.

**Maxmum time allowed to shoot a stage, 180 seconds.



**Failure to neutralize           +5 seconds

**Failure to engage                +10 seconds

**No shoots                             +5 seconds

**Shooting the Idiot               +10 seconds

**Any bonus targets               - 1 second





The "A" zone on the targets is the perferated circle in the center only.

The bullet hole must break the line to count as a "A" zone hit.

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