Safty Rules


**The range is run as a COLD RANGE; all firearms must remain unloaded at all times, except when under the direction of a range officer (RO).

**All handguns must have the magazine removed and the hammer/striker down on an empty chamber.

**All handguns must be cased or in a holster.

**Any time you wish to handle you firearm you must be accompanied by the RO at a safety table.

**All participants, shooters and bystanders must sign a Release Form prior to shooting or to stay on the range

**If the cease fire command is given, the shooter must immediately stop, remove the magazine, open and lock the action back, and show the RO an empty chamber.

**Must be 18 to shoot.


                                                         ---Match disqualifications---

 **Any negligent discharge.  i.e.  a round that strikes the ground within 10 feet of the shooter, or is fired significantly over the targets, or to the side of the targets.

**Breaking the implied 180 degree rule

**Handling any firearm without the ROs supervision.

**Dropping a loaded firearm.



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