How Sporting Pistol Works

The RO will call out the current shooter the on deck shooter and the in the hole shooter. These 3 shooters should not be resetting targets. They need to be ready to shoot when it is there turn and watch the shooter in front of them so they understand the station.

                                                 ---  Range commands ---

**Do you understand the course of fire?

Load and make ready. (Insert magazine load the chamber. If you have a safety you must engage it. If you have a decocker you must decock the pistol. If there is no safety or decocker you do nothing). Reinsert the fire arm in to its holster. Hands at your side.

**Shooter ready.

**Stand by.

The RO will sound the buzzer.

The shooter draws there gun and engages the targets.

Targets can be engaged in any order.

When finished the RO will ask you to remove the magazine and to SEE an empty chamber. The shooter will remove the magazine and show the RO an empty chamber.

The RO will then instruct the shooter to close the slide, point the gun down range and pull the trigger on an empty chamber.

The RO will ask the shooter to re holster the gun. When the gun is secured properly in the holster the RO will call the range clear and to reset the targets.

Maxmum time allowed to shoot a station, 180 seconds.



Firearms and Ammunition requirements


**Any safe handgun chambered for 38sp (can be 357 with 38sp loads) 9mm, 40S&W, 45acp. Unless otherwise pre approved.

**No optics or lasers


**All handguns must be carried in a holster on the course. Empty chamber no magazine, hammer/striker down


** As many magazines as you want, they must all be carried on your person.

**Magazines are limited to 15 rounds each.


**Only lead core jacketed or plated bullets, no steel core ammo.

**You will need approximately 120 rounds if you don’t miss, highly recommend 250 just in case. (you don’t want to run out of ammo)


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