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The new shooting format is open to a limited amount of shooters. You must have experience in some type of Action pistol (drawing from a holster and moving)

Please read all the descriptions and rules.

 Please call me at the shop if you have any questions.


Welcome to sportingpistol.com

Think action pistol, except the targets move and the shooter is semi stationary.

There are 6 unique shooting stations, all with a combination of stationary steel (ringers), steel knock over, steel sliders. All cardboard silhouettes are movers. i.e. flashers, swingers, drop turns.

All moving targets are triggered by a diamond trigger plate, when you hit a diamond trigger plate another target will present itself immediately and then disappear.  You can not engage the movers until you hit its diamond trigger.

The goal of all this is to neutralize all the targets as quickly as possible with no penalty’s.

All shooters must participate in resetting the targets.

All shooters must be present by 9:00 am for a quick shooters meeting, we will break up into 2 or 3 squads, each squad will have a designated RO.

Each squad will start at a different station, starting stations are 1, 3 and 5

$30 per person per round

For more information, call Mark at Eckelman Gunsmithing at 218-829-1720 for more information.


Bonus Steel Silhouette, a hit in the center area (orange) is a bonus of -1 second off your time.

Of course if you miss the whole thing! (well you know what you end up with)

Idiot Bystander, you have a steel trigger target that you have to hit, it will move the no shoot (Idiot bystander) out of the way, you then shoot the steel silhouette before the Idiot steps back in your way. Yes you will be penalized if you shoot the Idiot!

Please watch the video below to see how it works.  

         NEW VIDEO

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